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Permanent Makeup & Paramedical Procedures

 Here at Lively Brows we offer permanent solutions to your makeup needs.


Brows - Microblading, ombre, nano and powder brows. Each procedure comes with brow mapping and pre-drawing, then we tattoo your brows. Also included is a perfecting appointment to be made 8 weeks after initial appointment, same goes for all procedures. 

Eyeliner- Winged, cat eye, and lash enhancement for top eyelids. Lash enhancement for bottom lashes.

Lips- Full lip blush, ombre lips, and full lipstick coverage.

Stretch Mark Camouflage- use of serum to alleviate the signs of stretch marks and scars.

3D Areola Restoration- This procedure is performed by Terry Lively and is extremely realistic. 



Tel: 210-585-8410

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